Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do an advanced search?

First go to the Search Database form. Then you need to decide whether you just want to see photos, detailed records, or member information. Any reasonable field combination is allowed. For example, you can just specify a group, such as grasses, or you can enter a grass family and a location name or coordinates and radius. But if you specify a family, group must be set to Any. Likewise, if you enter coordinates, leave the location name blank. Avoid redundancy.

How do I submit lists or photos?

  • First go to the Submit Data form. Every record can be entered with up to five photos. Photos have to be jpegs, up to 300 KB in size. Please submit only medium to good quality pictures.
  • If you have more than one record to submit, you can go back to edit the previous record.
  • The family name should be the scientific name, for example Asteraceae instead of sunflower family. Likewise for genus and species epithet.
  • Latitude and longitude can be specified in degrees minutes seconds, e.g. -117 23 47, degrees decimal-minutes, e.g. -117 23.6, or decimal-degrees, e.g. 33.953. Remember to use a "-" for west or south.
  • Elevation should be in meters.
  • Check GPS if the accuracy of the coordinates is better than +-1 km.
  • If you later find that you've made a mistake, or that there has been a name-change, you can edit your records by going to Search Database and logging in.

How do I create an account?

First go to Manage Account, then click on Create Account. If you don't know your coordinates, click on Latitude or Longitude to look them up.